2016 Riesling Pressings
2016 Riesling Pressings

2016 Riesling Pressings

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A unique richer wine style from the pressings of our 2016 Riesling crop.  Separated at crushing from the free run juice and fermented separately to produce a rich expression of the wonderful Riesling grape variety.

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Product Description

Our 2016 Riesling crop was larger than normal and the decision was made to separate the free run juice and the pressings into different tanks and to apply different winemaking techniques to each.

The free run juice was cool fermented to retain its freshness and delicacy, whereas the Pressings juice was warm fermented with a Chardonnay yeast to develop a more rounded, richer style with full flavour whilst retaining the unique Riesling vatietal flavours.  This example of a richer style Riesling will develop over time to a full flavoured wine which should handle more flavoursome foods and is a unique style rarely seen in Australia. We are sure you will enjoy the different varietal expression.


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